Fassa Ski & Bike

Fassa Ski & Bike Fassa Ski & Bike Fassa Ski & Bike

Fassa Ski & Bike

Mountain sports are a unique pleasure enjoyed by true sports enthusiasts on trips in close contact with the beauty of Mother Nature. The Fassa Dolomites offer precisely this and much more for anyone looking to experience their magic, be it winter or summer.

But an extraordinary trip calls for extraordinary equipment! “Fassa Ski & Bike,” the brand new rental company for skis, snowboards, cross-country skis, snowshoes, mountain bikes, downhill skis and much more, is well aware of this, with its two sites in Alta Val di Fassa: one in Campitello di Fassa (Strèda de Pènt de Sera 10) a stone’s throw from the Col Rodella ski-lift and the Campitello hospitality area, and another in Campestrin (Strèda Antermoa 8), near the historic church. The Campestrin site also offers a by-the-minute ski and mountain bike tune-up and repair service.

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Ski instructors in Campitello di Fassa

New in Campitello di Fassa: Ski instructors!
From this year it also offers the service of Alpine Ski Instructors, specialised in teaching children and foreign languages.

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